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Special executions

SAMA does not only manufacture products listed in its catalogue, but, thanks to its flexibility - primary feature of the company since the beginning – it is able to design and build tailor-made fans, made upon the customer’s specific needs.

Here follows a few non-standard executions:


Belt-driven fan


Hot dipped or electrolytically galvanized fan


Special painting

Among the special executions we can find: fans with inlets and outlets custom made upon the indications received from the customer, surface treatments such as the galvanization (electrolytical or hot dipped), the sandblasting or the painting with special colours required from the customer for marine or other aggressive environments.


Custom made execution with special outlet


Adaptor for the inlet side

With on-off valve on the inlet side and regulating valve on the outlet side

Other special executions may include: on-off valves on the inlet side with an optional pneumatic cylinder, adaptors for the inlet and outlet sides for the installation on existing plants and regulating valves for the outlet side.


B5 execution with cooling impeller


Made in stainless steel for corrosive fluids


ATEX executions for the zones 1-21 and 2-22

Finally, among the non-standard models which are mainly requested, we cannot forget ATEX executions, high temperature fans (direct or belt-driven), the manufacturing with special materials such as stainless steels or plastic materials, fans with sustaining frames to be mounted on vertical axis and mobile fans on trolley to guarantee the easy machine handling.

Plastic fans

Fans with sustaining frame

Mobile fans on trolley

In all of these special executions, the study and the design of the machine have to be made from time to time. SAMA’s technical department is able to perform this task by developing in details all the necessary drawings in 2D and 3D.

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