Technologies | SAMA Ventilatori


SAMA has always introduced in its production state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture fans and their components. Together with the staff passion and skills, they have enabled SAMA to reach and keep a very high quality standard.
In this respect, the last but not least purchase made by SAMA is a fully robotic welding cell.
Completed with an industrial robot FANUC type, it operates with a wire-welding machine, it has a double position that combines rotating and tilting movements, a strong steel structure and it is able to weld centrifugal impellers with diameter up to 1000 mm and weight of 250 kg.

This robotic cell was studied and designed specifically with the objective to optimize the welding-cycle of centrifugal impellers. It finds its main application in the production of large series of impellers.


However, in order to manufacture high quality products, the presence of modern and efficient means of production is not enough. It is necessary that even the project phase is adequately supported by advanced technologies. SAMA is able to meet this challenge through the use of next generation software for 2D and 3D drawings. This is necessary not only to improve the quality of the manufactured components, but even to respond to the growing requirements of customized and non standard products coming from our customers.

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